The Cole Ellis Foundation

We are excited to announce that Hope City Counseling has partnered with The Cole Ellis Foundation!

What is The Cole Ellis Foundation?

What is the vision and purpose of this partnership? 

Mike & Rebecca Ellis with Alisa & Richard Jones

Mike & Rebecca Ellis with Alisa & Richard Jones

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Pain and suffering are inevitable. Broken relationships, illness or even the death of a loved one can all fall into your life without warning. How you deal with the pain and finally emerge from it can change the course of your future. Two couples in the River Region want to make sure that families and individuals have somewhere to turn when the pain is more than they can handle alone, offering them hope, healing and an empathy that can only be born out of personally being acquainted with grief.

Rebecca Ellis standing in front of a framed jersey and photos of her son Cole.

Rebecca Ellis standing in front of a framed jersey and photos of her son Cole.

Montgomery Advertiser - Teen suicide

Cole Ellis was a high achiever. He was close to his family, played football and loved to hunt.  He fished, played baseball and was active in his church.  On a Monday morning, Oct. 26, 2009, the 13-year-old Trinity Middle School student was getting ready for the day. Cole was dressed for school. His father was already at work. His mother had talked to Cole that morning and was getting ready to take him to school.  Before they ever got out of the door, Cole had taken his life.  "We think still today, it was more probably situational for him," said his mother, Rebecca Ellis. "Just some things going on in his life as far as a relationship involving some (inappropriate) texting back and forth.


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Richard Jones of Hope City Counseling shares how he talks to teens who are overwhelmed, stressed and who need to share their story. 

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