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where our desire is to bring hope and light to the people of central Alabama in the form of grace­-centered Christian counseling.  

You matter and the story of your life is significant!  We are passionate about walking alongside individuals as they experience disappointment, pain, brokenness, and even joy in life and relationships.  So often we think we should be able to handle the ups and downs of life on our own, and yet, if you are anything like us, the weight of holding life together is crushing you.  Many of us live in darkness, feeling completely alone and not knowing who or where we can turn for help.  At HCC, we believe humans were created for relationships.  Our counselors desire to welcome you with dignity, and invite you into a therapeutic relationship where God can begin to shed light upon your life.  Whatever you are struggling with, whether you feel completely overwhelmed or you feel shame for not being able to handle it on your own, we would love for you to contact us so we can either work with you directly or, at least, help point you in a direction of hope.   


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